Midi - Press key, flashes, but no stick

• May 24, 2022 - 21:28

I want to start by quickly saying thanks to those who have taken the time to answer my posts. Thanks!

I have intermittently had problems when trying to input key via midi. I hook up the midi connection before launching Musescore?, then make sure it shows up in I/O, and then select keyboard input.

So, I then manually set rests for the right note (in this case 1/8th), but when I press the note on they keyboard, the rest selected will change to the note, but then immediately change back to a rest.

Any thoughts


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You are correct, I didn't mention that. I do do that. I have also specifically selected the 2 different midi selections real time (Manual, and Automatic).

The manual was helpful getting me going in the first place. The fact that I need to have the keyboard hooked up BEFORE I load the app was a good tip.

I find that the only thing that gets me going again is a shutdown of the app and re-launch. It seems odd, given that when I hit the key on the keyboard it changes the rest to the key, but only while I have the key pressed. Let up on the key and it changes back to the rest.

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I did watch a video, but not sure it was the one you reference. It was called Musescore in minutes, and it's what really got me going. I did not see any reference to any of the issues I'm having such as the note showing / disappearing.

I did a glance out on YouTube, and there are many videos. Too many with too long to search for this particular problem unfortunately.

It is interesting, it does not seem like anyone else responding is actually seeing this particular problem. Maybe it has something to do with compatibility to my Yamaha keyboard.

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No, that's not the video I mean - it doesn't cover real-time MIDI at all. I was talking about the one referenced in the Handbook page on real-time MIDI input specifically. Real-time MIDI is only partially supported and works in very unique ways, so it's important to consult the documentation first. The Handbook page on real-time MIDI is here:


And the video referenced at the end of the page is here:


As far as I can tell, what you are describing is completely normal, as I said. When using the special-purpose "real-time" modes, you have the follow the instructions carefully, and if you don't use the pedal or start the metronome as explained in the Handbook and in this video, you cannot enter notes.

The more usual way to enter notes with a MIDI keyboard is using the default step-time mode. That works more simply and is usually more efficient as well. But the real-time modes do work if you follow the instructions.

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