closing up on last page

• May 26, 2022 - 09:21

On my last page the systems stretch over the whole side. How can I close them up so that they are spaced as in the previous pages? Thanks Keith

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The best way to get more equal spacing is, as Steve mentions, is to make sure you have more equal number of systems per page. But in this case, you shouldn't actually need to add breaks. Right now pages 1 & 2 are extremely crowded. It looks like you've tried to arrange things to avoid breaking verse 2 across pages, but I think that is a mistake. It causes both of the problems here - pages 1 & 2 being difficult to read, and page 3 being too spread out.

I see you've turned down the minimum system distance to a very small value in Format / Style / Page - that's what is allowing you to cram so many systems onto those two pages. If you reset that back to the default (and the max too while you're at it), things already look a lot better. Now instead of the systems being distributed as 10+11+5, it's 8+8+8.

If that hadn't done the job already, then I'd be recommending adding breaks to get that sort of more even distribution.

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