How do i add notes with a 9 below?

• Jun 22, 2022 - 12:40

I found the Sheets of first Step Interstellar. On the picture you see notes with a 9 below, how can i make that kind of notes in my music writing software of Musescore?
Cause if I add "nonool" then there are waaaay too much notes in my measure.
Thanks for the help!

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But indeed that looks different than in

where it has 9 dotted 16. not 9 9th (starting measure 79)

Which is explained by the fact that this score is corrupt. It stems from 2.0.2. and even 2.3.2 doesn't report those corruptions.

The other score I mentioned on,

reports the same corruptions.
(it looks like the latter got shamelesly stolen from the former, and even change the copyright so something entirely bogus, CC0)

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