Play orchestral accompaniment with piano score

• Jun 21, 2022 - 22:33

I have an MP3 of an orchestral recording for a piano concerto accompaniment. I'd like to sync it with the piano score in Musescore so that I can hear the accompaniment while playing the piano score and see the cursor move through the piano score. I would also like to mute the piano track so I can play my own piano live. I realize that this is similar to the question posed here: Is there any progress on adding this feature? Or recommendations for other software that enables this?


The problem you are going to have is trying to make tempos and tempo changes between MuseScore and your mpe, match up. MuseScore has no way to do that. Not what it is for. You might have better luck reading from a PDF and using a foot switch to change pages while the mp3 plays.

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