Use of Voltas for intro repeat

• Jul 5, 2022 - 15:47

In the attached piece, the intent is to have the playback run: intro through the first volta, vocal to the end, and repeat the intro, skipping the first volta, playing the second volta as the closing of the piece. Initially, I had no repeat barline in volta 1. The playback ran: intro, volta 1, vocal, intro, volta 1, vocal, and stopped at the end of the vocal. Volta 2 never played.
Even after changing the volta 1 barline to a repeat and setting the repeat count to 1 (otherwise it plays the intro twice running), the playback is the same. No volta 2, playback ends with a second run of the vocal.
How should the notation be set up to get the arrangement I intend?
Thanks - R


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Almost. It looks like you inserted a horizontal frame at the end of the vocal section and marked it as a coda. The order of the piece as intended is: intro (ritornello), vocal, repeat the entire ritornello except for the last measure, which has the notes in the coda you created. When I playback your version, it goes ritornello, vocal, and coda.
I'm trying to be as faithful as possible to the original manuscript, but maybe I will have to copy the intro and append it after the vocal. Attached is a screen shot from the MS.
- R

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