anacrusis and final bar

• Aug 5, 2022 - 21:04

I have written a piece in 4/4 and it begins with a quaver up-beat. To get this quaver, I went to 'bar properties' and looked at 'Nominal' and 'actual'. I changed 'Actual' to one beat (crotchet). I then turned that into two quavers, used the second quaver to create my up-beat and pressed 'V' to make the first one invisible. (Must be an easier way).

Then I wanted to make my final bar three and a half beats to make the whole thing add up. I made the final bar have 4 beats and made the final quaver rest invisible.

Then I put a D.C al Fine on the last bar and a Fine where I wanted it to finish.

Musecore plays through it but there's a quaver gap at the end and so doesn't go straight back to the up-beat.

I know I'm doing something wrong and getting confused so any help gratefully received. Thanks

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