System spacing

• Jun 17, 2019 - 19:45

I've had my system distance set up the way I need it to be; however, I want to split a section of 8 measures into 2 lines of 4 measures each, but then the spacing between those two lines are too wide apart...any way I can adjust the distance between that 2 lines and not have it affect the rest of the score?


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It's a bug that the max system distance is not honored correctly. Adding a spacer (better that than a frame) below the last system is the best workaround, if you really want the pages unbalanced, with fewer systems on that last page than elsewhere. Normally, though, that's not what one would want - the better solution is usually to add breaks as needed to balance out the pages better.

Go to Format / Style / Page. There you will find a "min" and "max" system distance. Normally the max is set higher so you don't get huge empty bottom margins on pages that are less full, but you can play with this and find what is most pleasing to you for your score.

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