Is it possible to remove all ties and the notes to right of the tie?

• Aug 18, 2022 - 23:34


I tried to select all ties, and that is possible with right click.
But if I delete them, the notes on the right will remain, I'd like to remove all the notes where the tie ends as well.

Is that possible?

Thanks in advance


You can select the first note you want gone, hold down Shift, then select the last note you want gone. Then press Delete to get rid of them all. Or as another commenter said, you can select each note individually and delete them.

Thank you. The point is to remove the note after the tie, using no ties indeed.

I already mentioned I can delete one by one but the point is to remove all automatically.

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No, I can't see a way to do this automatically. The reason for asking why is because it comes across as an unusual request (unusual not necessarily meaning unreasonable, just that I've haven't seen this request before) and there might be an alternative to achieving your ultimate goal.

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That shouldn't be the case - the ties present should be absolutely necessary in order for the note to sustain as long as it was in the MIDI. If you are finding some particular case where one given note is longer than it should be, please attach that MIDI and describe which note you think is too long, so we can investigate.

But in general, doing what you are doing would radically change the sound, notes wouldn't sustain as long as they should. Not sure why you'd want to do that, but again, seeing the attual file might help us understand what is actually happening.

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Indeed, removing those ties will completely change the music; there is no command to do that.

It's unreadable as is, of course, but removing the ties won't help - it would still be virtually unreadable. You should just re-notate that to be something that makes sense. Really, it's just an arpeggio - a single chord that you add an arpeggio symbol to from the palette. Then it will sound correct and actually be readable.

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