opacity in colour in MuseScore 4 beta is it there as when I use colour & want to change the opacity there is no option as in MuseScore 3

• Oct 1, 2022 - 21:07

new MuseScore 4 beta question


There is no "beta" release yet, so if you downloaded the one incorrectly labeled that way, first delete that, and instead install a nightly build The one incorrectly labeled "beta" is actually over a year old and missing a ton of features.

Anyhow, I can confirm that on Linux at least, the opacity control seems missing. I will look into whether that was an oversight or was a deliberate change.

BTW, note that the default is now opaque if you select any color here, and you can get back to fully transparent via the reset command in the "..." menu. So you should only need to set an explicit opacity to get "highlighter" effects. Which is definitely something I do in my educational materials.

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Thanks cor reply ; sorry to say I did download musescore nightly. some 5 weeks ago but only started to investigate it through the musescore cafe YouTube channel ( great viewing ) hence looking at using colour on scores for my students recognition, i'm using a Mac book pro with Venture 13.00 download if that helps.

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