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• Oct 2, 2022 - 23:31

I have been looking at some of the forum discussion but none seem to quite fit my situation:

I have a tune with an Intro/Refrain to the verses which is played before each of 3 verses AND then again at the end of the 3rd verse. BUT on the 4th play there is a different ending.
I have created 2 Voltas One for the first three plays of the Intro and the second for playing AFTER the third verse.

So I have a double bar at the end of the first Volta and a final Barline at the end of the second Volta.
There is a repeat at the end of the verses.
So the tune plays through the first Volta and it proceeds each time to the verses skipping the second Volta but when it plays the Intro/Refrain the last time after the 3rd verse it doesn't stop at the end of the Final Barline in the Second Volta but keeps going into the verses again.
I have the first Volta set to play 1.2.3. And the second Volta to play 4. only
Am I going to need to use DC or DS and Coda to make this happen the way I want?

If I try changing the repeat numbers for the Final Bar of the verses to 3 it doesn't play the Intro/Refrain after the 3rd verse

I deleted some bars from the intro and verses to make this more compact.

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You wrote: ...BUT on the 4th play there is a different ending.

According to your attachment, measures 6 & 7 (the first 3 plays) are identical to measures 8 & 9 (the 4th play).
Since you added a blank measure, which does make it "different", I'll assume the music continues further into the blank measure 10 and perhaps beyond (because you may have deleted bars from a bona fide "different ending"). So, here's one way:
which moves the 4th volta "different ending" to a coda - which can continue with additional (deleted?) music.

If your 4th volta is truly identical to the 1,2,3 volta, a D.C. al Fine can be used to end at measure 7:

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Sorry there is music in the third bar of the 2nd Volta, a whole note extension of the previous half note.
It got deleted accidentally when I was paring the score down to make it easier to play through
I've attached another short clip showing it more accurately

I think that you have answerred my question . It seems that the only way to have this act as I want is to use a Coda.
I was hoping the Final Bar at the end of the second Volta would stop everything when it was reached.
Apparently that doesn't cut it

Thanks for the response

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Unfortunately there are too many scores in which the double barline does not equal a "Fine" for this to work as intended. (Although I might look into this icm with a volta for default interpretation somewhen in the future).

There is another workaround possible though, which does not involve jumps. You can add the "1,2,3" volta once more to the verses and mark it invisible. Technically the score still continues to play after the 4th volta, but it skips the remainder due to the invisible 1,2,3 volta and then reaches the end repeat barline, which has exhausted its number of repeats. Hence the playback stops.

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Why not just put the fourth ending after the repeat? What's the advantage of jumping to the top just to play something new? As written, only one measure is actually reused on the fourth play, but even if it were multiple bars, it would be fine or even preferable to rewrite it.

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