delete measures with poor result

• Oct 31, 2022 - 14:40

In the attached precut score I selected all of measures 8 - 22 and deleted. I expected to get a bunch of blank measures followed by mm 23 to the end identical to those of the precut version. Instead I got this postcut version which has the left hand in treble clef instead of bass clef.

How were my expectations wrong and what would I need to do to get the desired result from a delete operation?


Not quite sure what you expected, but in doing so you also deleted the clef change instruction originally in m17. So without that clef change, the staff will remain in the treble clef from the preceding measures.

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Hmm. I expected the later measures to remain exactly as they are in the original including the bass clef specified at the beginning of the line in measure 23 and in subsequent lines of the original. I guess I expected that a clef designation at the beginning of a line would function as well as a clef change in the middle of a line with respect to all subsequent measures.

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