Muse Hub v0.9.9 crashes on start

• Nov 8, 2022 - 23:59

I am running Muse Hub on a MacBook Air (OS 11.7) and installed the original Beta release of Muse Hub. All worked fine. Launched today and it appeared to update to version 0.9.9 (creation date Nov 4, 2022). After that, when I try to launch Muse Hub a window briefly appears and then it closes.

Anyone else having this issue?


I downloaded the hub to get the beta MU4 and the sounds. So I have no further use for it. I also don't use the beta any more, but run a nightly version. Which is better than the beta.

I am having the same exact issue, macOS Big Sur 11.6.7, installing the MuseHub straight from the Beta forum post, running the .dmg, and moving it to applications. When I am not connected to WiFi, the window will open and stay open, but once connected to WiFi, it will only stay open for a second, then close automatically.

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