MuseSounds weren't working - Now I broke everything.

• Dec 17, 2022 - 16:00

I installed MuseHub and downloaded MuseScore which worked perfectly.
I also downloaded the MuseSounds, like I did on my other computer, but unlike there, MuseSounds wouldn't show up inside MuseScore on this machine.

I thought something probably went wrong when downloading those, so I decided to delete everything in the downloads folder, since I was hoping that it would allow me to re-download MuseSounds, but MuseHub was showing them as installed still.

I then thought I would just uninstall everything and start over, but now when launching MuseHub, it's no longer able to connect to any of the services.
(Muse Hub is having trouble connecting. Please check your internet connection and ensure any firewall you have is set correctly.)

I tried to uninstall, reinstall, delete folders that remained after the uninstall and installing again, but it seems like I completely locked MuseHub out of my system somehow. Maybe something is hiding somewhere that is still messing with MuseHub or something.

Any ideas what I could try to get MuseHub running on my system again?


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Oh! Maybe I was super unlucky then and did my re-install just as the servers stopped working?
That would be a crazy coincidence... I'll try again at some other time then, but I'm not sure. I might have broken my install either way now with all the back and forth.

Since CFByrne suggested it may be due to the servers being overloaded, I went back to my other machine and MuseHub is loading just fine there. I ran back and forth between both systems a couple of times and on machine 1 everything works fine and MuseHub loads normally, but machine 2 (the one I'm having the issues with) is not connecting to the servers (it's unlikely firewall related, since it did work on machine 2 before I did the re-install MuseHub).

Are there any other suggestions?

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In my case there is very little doubt that the firewall isn't the issue, since it did actually work perfectly when I first installed it. It was after I uninstalled it (since I thought that way I could fix MuseSounds not showing up in MuseScore) that it stopped working.

I legitimately think that I broke my install this way, and the uninstall doesn't get rid of everything.

Similar issue.
Musescore 4 working fine on MacBookPro (2013) Retina under 11.6.8
I fancied the Strings & Brass downloads using MuseHub. When I click on the "Get" prompt, the page shifts right then snaps back - that's all I get.
6:30 PM GMT + 1, so could be heavy traffic, but this looks like a bug.

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