Single part is scrambled while full score is correct

• Dec 21, 2022 - 22:04

I was editing the ending of my piece, inserting two measures and moving the Coda earlier by that amount. The full score shows the correct new arrangement.
I wanted a closer look so opened a single Part view of the main melody line. It does not look the same: 1. the Coda symbol is displaced by one measure to the right. 2. There is a strange jumble of symbols right at the double bar that look like a whole rest and a funny little vertical line with a dot to the right. 3. The dotted half A note is gone as is the ritard annotation.
I have no idea how to recreate this. I did save the MSCZ file which shows it. I tried making a shorter file by deleting most of the measures between the "To Coda" notation and the DC notation but that resulted in a Segmentation Fault. Debian Linux.


This was MuseScore 4.0.0. Attached is a subset of the original MSCZ file but it still shows the problem.
1. Open the file.
2.Observe the area around the Coda.
3. Open a single Part view of the Flute line.
4. Notice difference in the area around the Coda.

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ClobberedCoda.mscz 35.55 KB

I tried exporting to MusicXML and reloading that. That fixed the Coda problem but introduced another error. In the "full score" view all of the chord annotations lost their root note but retained modifications. So "A7" became "7" and "Am" became "m". But in the Part view, everything was correct!

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ClobberedCoda.mxl 2.82 KB

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