Cross-stave notation and hiding 1/8 note flags

• Jan 24, 2023 - 22:41

In bar 10, I'm trying to move two notes to the bass clef and still have the stems in the treble clef.

Using 2nd voice, I input the two notes, then control-shift-down-arrow them into the bass clef. However, I can't get the stems to go back to the treble clef. I thought perhaps if I made them single instead of barred notes, it may work. It doesn't.

And when I finally get everything in place, I need to make the bar or flags invisible. However, highlighting just the flag makes the whole note invisible.

Details. Details. The devil is always in the details. Would you angels help sort this out for me?

MANY Thanks! <3

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I don't know whether this is what you want, but I turned off Auto-place for the two stems in the bass clef and hid the flags. Then select the stem, tab into the top anchor and extend the stems up to the treble clef with Ctrl+UpArrow.

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Hey, DanielR! It's always good to see you!

AUTO-PLACE! AHA! Got it. Turned it off. Everything works perfectly now.

Except hiding the flags. I ended up connecting the two notes with a beam, then raised it to level with the other beam. Sorta kinda hidden that way. When I highlight just the flag and click Invisible, the whole note goes invisible, not just the flag. Is there someplace the flag can be made invisible by itself?

You're always such a great help. Glad to have you help me puzzle this out. <3

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" Is there someplace the flag can be made invisible by itself?"

Whether you use two beamed notes or two notes with separate flags, the technique is the same:
1. Select either a beam or a flag - just that element (you can see it becoming "highlighted" with reduced intensity).
2. Press V to toggle the visibility of that element only (beam or flag).

However... there seems to be a bug in MS4 which I haven't yet investigated properly. When toggling the visibility of a selected flag, beam or stem, the notehead can be wrongly toggled invisible when it should remain visible.

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