Uninstalling left over files

• Jan 28, 2023 - 02:43

I need to uninstall everything. Everything in "C:\ProgramData\MuseHub" is locked by an administration account I've never seen. Is there a way to uninstall all content installed by MuseHub?


Every single file in the ProgramData folder requires the following to delete.

Right click the file - Security - Advanced - Change - Advanced - Find Now - Select new Admin - Ok - Ok - Ok - Advanced - Continue -
Remove Admin called (S-1-5-80-4164908800-3964627517-3289075956-1174036675-297428913) - Ok - Ok - Delete.

Same for plugins in the VST3 folder.

Needless to say this is driving me mad and there are a LOT of files left to delete. Obviously I'll never install MuseScore again but just wondering if there is a way to delete the left over files easily.

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I guess the obvious answer would be: Log in to Windows with an admin account (= some user with local admin rights). But without knowing your Windows setup in depth it's hard to tell... (When I try to delete that folder on my Windows machine I only have to confirm admin access once and it is deleted).

Don't blame Musescore for Windows' security procedures and your system setup.

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That is an obvious answer. I am always logged in as admin. I wouldn't say it is definitely Musescore that is to blame and I don't think I did say that. This is the only piece of software I've experienced this situation with in well over 20 years of using a PC as a recording work station. Thanks for responding. I should have mentioned I am logged in as admin, always.

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