Bar is blank and cannot place any notes

• Feb 4, 2023 - 17:51

It won't allow me to place notes in the blank bar, im new to using musescore and im not really sure what im doing.

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Looking again I see what you mean about blank. It looks like the score has become corrupt. Just select that measure and delete it with CTRL+ Delete. You can add more measures if you need them later.

It is best to attach the score (.mscz file) you are having problems with when asking for help. Then someone can try to reproduce the issue. A picture rarely provides enough information. In this case it did, or would have if I'd looked more closely.

This is something that seems to happen quite often to MS4 users.
Do the following steps:

  • Create a new measure with Add / Measures... / Insert a measure

  • Copy the notes of all other staves that are correct in the faulty measure column into the new measure to save the notes already written.

  • delete the incorrect measure with Ctrl-Del

(My hints are from the experience of MS3, it should be nearly the same in MS4)

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