Trumpet part is not being transposed

• Feb 6, 2023 - 00:19

I am doing an arrangement and everything seems to be working except for one part. I have changed the trumpet part in the Change Instrument so it should read as a Bb trumpet and it stays in concert key. I cannot figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Your score is from MS 3.6.2.
I have no idea what you have done. Press 'i' and see the instrument list: there is no named instrument!
Normally, right when you create the score, you select all instruments in the "General / Choose Instruments" dialog.

To solve you problem: I would just right click on the trumpet staff, select 'Staff/Part Properties...' and the I would press 'Change Instrument' and select a Bb trumpet. The key signature of the trumpet staff will then chang from Db major to Eb major - as it should. See the picture.
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Do the same with the alto sax and bariton sax as they are also transposing instruments.

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I just went back to the original Digital Performer file and exported only the trumpet track as MusicXML, then opened it in MuseScore and it is perfect! Is there some way for me to import this good track into my arrangement? I tried copying it and pasting it into the trumpet track and that most definitely did not work. I need some way to bring in just this part and throw out the corrupt one. Sorry if this is an easy fix, I am pretty new to MuseScore and am just learning things. (and loving it btw)

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What I did:
1) opened score in MS4 - saw in menu item File -> Score Properties, the score originated in the prior MS3 version.
2) closed out of MS4, opened MS3, loaded score.
3) set up the Mixer to 'solo' bass, keys, alto sax, the two trumpets - found where the trumpet parts started playing.
4) heard something amiss, ended up being the alto sax - it appears there is some transposition (or other) issue... but I did not address that. Took the alto sax out of the 'solo' group.
5) went to the first measure of the piece, then for each of the trumpet parts, right-clicked on said measure, chose "Staff/part properties" pop-up menu, then went into "Instrument - Change instrument" option. Selected Bb trumpet from the Brass category. Saw the correct transposition now for both trumpet parts. Chose 'Apply' then 'Ok' for each.
6) Put the score into non-Concert Pitch mode. Both trumpets' key signatures jibe with what would be appropriate for a piece (tonally) in Ab. Why we have a Db key signature is a question, but up to you.
7) Saved the piece. Attached here.

The alto sax part currently shows no transposition. Isn't the alto sax a transposing instrument? I suggest you use these instructions as a guide to change that instrument to "alto sax" from the Instruments sounds. It should then show up as a transposing instrument, as it is.

As for a corrupted trumpet part (which of the 2?), since this score is MS3 version, what you might try - if needed - is to open up the trumpet-only (which of the 2?) export from Digital Performer. Then, with that in a trumpet-only 'score' PLUS (side-by-side) your full score, you can compare, measure-by-measure, what's up that you need to revise.

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I'm sorry, but your score may have still a problem.
Change to concert pitch and you will see that the transposing instruments alto sax and baritone sax don't change there key. They should!
I think if those are played by a musican it will sound different.

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