General Layout issues when importing a Musescore 2.2 score

• Feb 6, 2023 - 14:24

The score available at doesn't import at all right in MuseScore 4. One particular example is what happens to the bars at the bottom of page 1.

Here is in Musescore 3: Musescore3_ml3_example.png
Here is in Musescore 4: Musescore4_ml3_example.png

Hopefully this is a source of examples.


Musescore 4 uses a different style/layout method than Musescore 2 does. I think your best bet is to just re-format the layout as you want it to be. Might take some time, but I've had similar issues with importing old scores into Musescore 4 and it doesn't seem to be something that is an easy fix without doing it manually.

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