Accordion chords

• Mar 2, 2023 - 22:01

I am playing the accordion as a beginner. I found the melody of a song (right hand) in C-major that I want to learn. However, I am struggling to find the correct cords to play with my left hand in each segment as an accompaniment. Does anyone know where I could find the rules, I must follow to this end? Very much appreciated,


if you work by "ear" search the bass note, sing it, play it, this is the "fondamentale", the "tonic", the name of the chord.......after search if it's major or minor............with 7 th or just like you are a "bassiste"

Could you name the song? If it is more than 32 years old (and isn't rock, pop, jazz or blues), those, who know how to look, may be able to find its arrangement for accordion.

Thank you all for the advice. The name of the song is Yours (Quiereme mucho) by Cuban composer Gonzalo Roig. The music sheet i found is incomplete lacking the introduction. That is why I am trying to figure out the left hand chords for this section by myself.

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