Problème de dynamique des nuances

• Mar 14, 2023 - 13:55

je ne comprends pas la dynamique des nuances. Entre 2 mesures quasi-identique, un simple décalage d'un demi-soupir donne des résultats très différents. A priori le même symbole de nuance devrait aboutir à une "vélocité" identique ? Voir l'exemple

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The problem is that the whole classical piano repertoire is based on this independence.
So, for a composer, it's not a subtlety.
The solution may be to create 2 different pianos?
Otherwise I'll go back to Musescore 3. I don't understand why Musescore 4 would be behind Musescore 3 on such a "basic" aspect?

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" I don't understand why Musescore 4 would be behind Musescore 3 on such a "basic" aspect?"
It's because the entire playback code was torn apart and rewritten for MS4. The work could not be completed in time for the MS 4.0.0 launch, so there are some "not implemented" features which are quite annoying.

We can expect to see a much more versatile playback system in MS4.x in due course, but its new aspects will be introduced over several releases.

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"I still have problems with the piano instrument of musescore 4. It doesn't understand anything about nuances"
In the interests of clarity, here is the definition for the French word "nuance" in a musical context:
"Dans la musique occidentale, une nuance est un signe noté sur une partition qui indique l'intensité relative d'une note, d'une phrase, ou encore d'un passage entier d'une œuvre musicale. Les nuances permettent au musicien de restituer la dynamique de l'œuvre lors de son interprétation."

So in English we are talking about dynamic markings (pp, p, mp, mf, f, ff - and cresc. + dim. hairpins).

In MS3 dynamics are generally attached to dynamic markings, and not to individual notes.
In MS4 dynamics have been moved specifically to the notes, which means that dynamic markings (pp, p, mp, mf, f, ff and hairpins) no longer have a velocity setting.

This is very confusing, because the MS4 playback system is not yet fully evolved. Eventually I think we will benefit from a "velocity channel" which will provide fine control of the dynamic level - per staff? per voice within a staff? I have no idea.

My personal solution to avoid frustration is to use MS 3.6.2 until MS4 is mature enough to provide detailed control of dynamics in a simple way. I am sure this will come eventually, but not next week or next month.

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