Muse 4 Won't transpose

• Mar 21, 2023 - 23:46

I try to transpose the flute part in measures 25 and 26 but nothing happens. I select the 7 notes then use Tools/Transpose by interval up a minor 3rd and then try by key to Eb. In all cases nothing happens.

Strangely, if I do the same thing with the oboe part it works so I understand something is wrong with the flute part but what?


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Yes, very strange.
Workaround: Select the whole flute notes, copy (CTRL+C), open instrument dialog (i), insert a new flute and paste the flute notes into that. Then the transpose is ok. Delete the original flute.

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There is definitely something wrong with the flute staff. But I don't know how to find out what it is.

I exported you score as Musicxml. Then opened it in MU3 as a test. The transposition of those two measures worked.
Then I opened that same xml in MU4 and the transposition worked.

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Before trying that I, just created a new flute staff and copied the part to it. Transposition worked fine in the new staff so I just deleted the one that didnd't work. Problem solved. Guess it makes sense that a percussion staff doesn't take transposition.

Thanks everyone

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