Crash on entering special characters in System/Staff/Expression text (MS 4.0.2)

• May 2, 2023 - 23:51

I have been working on a composition recently and at one point I needed to insert accidentals into a staff text in order to properly label pedal changes for a harp part. However, upon pressing the "Insert special characters" button, MuseScore 4 crashed. I have since tested this on expression and system text on a seperate score, each producing the same effect.

Steps to reproduce:
1: Create a new score with any instrument.
2: Add system text, staff text, or expression text.
3: In the Properties tab, click the "Insert special characters" button.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I am currently using MS4 on a computer with Windows 10.


This is working fine for me; I do it all the time. Please attach one of the scores you are having trouble with so we can see if maybe something about style settings or font choices is triggering a problem for you but not for others.

Meanwhile, you don't need the dialog just for accidentals - Ctrl+Shift+B/#/H will enter flat, sharp, or natural into any text.

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Indeed, I'm not able to reproduce a problem with your score, but it's important to rule out that possibility. Could have been you always have a certain set of fonts you use and that's what's triggering the problem, since the special characters dialog is font-dependent.

Anyhow, the next step is to open an issue on GitHub - Before you do, do this one more time so it crashes, then start MuseScore and run Diagnostic / Save diagnostic files (it may take a while). When it's done you'll have a log file you can attach to your issue report that may prove helpful.

I do have one other question, probably not relevant but you never know - the flat signs you added are to the first harp pedal text are not the standard accidental characters found right on the main page of the Special characters dialog, but other smaller versions that appear to come from a different font. How exactly did you add those?

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I'm not sure that it is a font issue, considering that I have almost always used the default fonts provided by MuseScore (Leland + Edwin) since I first started using the application.
As to how i accessed the smaller flats, I entered it in the special characters dialog. Under "Common Symbols", there should be two sets of accidentals listed, and one of them appears to be slightly smaller than the others. I use the smaller ones personally, because I like the look of it more, however I have no opposition to using the other ones.
(Screenshot taken in 3.6.2, however the dialog in 4.0.2 is similar enough in what it contains.)

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Indeed, I already agreed it's probably not a font issue - I was just explaining one of the reasons why it was important for us to have seen your score, to rule out possibilities like that. So it's more likely something unique about your system - a graphics driver perhaps.

But, thanks also for the clarification about the old-style Unicode characters in the dialog - I had forgotten that those were still present. These are often problematic because they don't actually come from the current font but from some other font used as a fallback. So it is possible it's a font issue - something wrong with the font your system is providing as the fallback for Unicode characters not present in the current font. I'm not sure it actually works that way, but anyhow, it's possible this is what's going on. But I suspect a system issue like your graphics driver or library will turn out to be the actual culprit.

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