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• Mar 22, 2015 - 19:26

MuseScore has a primitive box selection method for selecting parts of a measure. It's clunky and you can't add or subtract from the selection, but it's something at least...

Would love to be able to lasso a selection, like a graphic program. I can tell that MS sets graphics by segments so you can't exactly select the graphics on the page -- you'd be selecting whatever is in the segments in the selected area.

But a lasso select would be the same as single-slicking on a number of objects, but it would make it easier and quicker. Plus the user could select only the parts he needed -- stem, accidental, articulations etc.


Do you mean somethng different from shift+drag? Something where you draw a more complicated selection area?

Anyhow, you *can* add to or subtract selections, in any of quite a number of ways. There is the selection filer, the right click Select menu (and More dialog in particular), plus the standard ctrl+click methods, also some options available in the Inspector, etc. Can you post a specific score with a specific set of elements you are trying to figure out how to select?

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Sorry if "necro posting" in this thread but I just discovered a need similar in that I want to select only one note from many consecutive measures in order to adjust velocity - and lasso by shift plus drag only grabs the whole measure - and I only want to adjust the velocity on the D notes.
(see attached image)
I can (of course) CTRL+Click each note - as I did in the image - but I've got 12 pages to do this for and it would be great if I could just somehow grab / lasso just the D notes?

Any thought are welcome.

Thank you!


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