Guitar notes lasting 2 bars or more

• May 28, 2023 - 09:22

Trying to create a copy of Gary Moore's 'So Far Away'
Created Tab and standard notation.
First note of the music lasts for a couple of bars, it is a C on Fret 13, string 2.
If I put this note in the tab, the appropriate standard notation appears, but when I then try to extend that note to ring out for a couple of bars, instead of ghost notes with the same fret number on string 2 appearing in parentheses, it shows '(8)' on string 1 of the Tab.

New to musescore, and to music notation in general. Am I doing something stupid?


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Thanks for that.
I had tried changing things, but it didn't work.
I have just tried a couple of things, and it looks like it is when I try to revise the composition that things get screwy. I tried putting ties onto the existing notes (a couple of bars apart) and it then went on to stick an extra tie onto further notes.
Deleting the extra ties and then the note it was tied to solved the problem.

I had also tried using the shortcut at the top of Musescore rather than palette, which was a bit more successful. Thanks for the help.
I think Musescore is just looking at me and saying 'Damn amateur, figure out what it is you want before commiting it to the page!' :)

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Thanks, but I have changed the file now, so it wouldn't be much use :)

I have it figured though - I was originally just putting the notes in and then going back and editing the duration. If I lengthened a note without first creating a second equal note for it to be tied to, it sulked.
All appears ok now, just my stupidity and naivity getting in the way :)

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