Just lots of questions I have:

• May 31, 2023 - 16:27

Id rather tackle all these at once, lest I post over and over.

How can I make harmonics (violin, flute) sound like they do, and not...robotic like the software makes it??

Not only this, but Can we have over pressures? Slides that dont glitch the sound up??

Can we add an unpitched Gong to the MS4 program?

And is there a way to be able to upload the sound audio from MY OWN soundfonts to the MS site?? Every time I upload something, it goes back to the crappy MS basic sounds, instead of my own.

Also I haven't been on MS 4 for a while bc it still sucks, but in MS4, is there an easier way to assign one soundfont to ALL instruments?? Instead of fkn assigning one by one (WITH 73 INSTRUMENTS)


I think that some of what you want are specialty fonts that don't exist in Muse Sounds yet.

Do you mean Tam tam?

As you set up a score, Muse sounds should be assigned, for the most part.

Hmm, 73 staves. You aren't ( for example ) having individual violins in the violin section?

I hope you have a computer that meets the specs to run MU4.

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Maybe, I mean obviously MS doesnt want to support my own (or some SFts I found online)

Yes I mean Tam Tam, both pitched and unpitched, and not sounding like a cymbal like the MS 3 and 4 make it sound.

I mean, is there a way to make harmonics sound like real harmonics and over pressures sound like real ones ??
(I doubt it though) I mean I just used my own notation, even though it doesnt play it right. But thats just tech for ya.

Yeah But I dont want to use MSs awful sound font. its default is MS basic SFt but I use my own, so that is why I have to go and change EVERY single instrument.

Hell no I dont use singular instruments! I'm an atonal modernistic non-conformist composer, so one can only expect that I use lot of different instruments and uncommon ones for my scores. I do sometimes use individual instruments when needed though.

Oh definitely My computer can handle MS4, its just that it just...sucks...still...and keeps crashing, glitching, and being very hard to find things.

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but the tam tam does not sound like a tam tam AT ALL. it sounds like a crash cymbal. And literally all the other garbage that MS 4 prevents me from doing such as not having to toggle between mixer and piano keyboard, dynamics being able to be changed to user velocity, ugh!! MS4 is a total disaster.

That being said, yes I still use MS 3 almost exclusively. Hell I cant even use MS 4 because If I use my soundfonts and download and try uploading it to the MS website, it doesnt even have sound at all. At least in MS 3 it just resets it back to the basic MS sounds, WITH AUDIO.

I can only see me using MS 4 if I wanted to add odd notations that arent in MS3, which I have yet to even determine if it even HAS any new notations.

Its almost as if MS is forcing you to use their sounds and not your own.

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One would think if your premier focus is to get a score that reproduces just like you want audio-wise, you may have to make concessions on what the score -looks like-.
On the other hand, if you're focus is to just get a visual of the score that musicians can interpret & play, then either Mu3 or Mu4 should accommodate. I don't see why anybody can't use Mu? as an 'engraving' program.

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But like UGH, Most composers, even the best like myself--not trying to brag about that, but I'm mainly referring to the fact that I actually work for high-end music companies, with this site as a side hobby/ hopeful future career-- have no access to a full-on orchestra at my disposal, and I rely on THE BEST sound quality to help with my orchestration. Now, I have a good idea of how I picture the sound in my head, but I need better instruments and sound fonts that won't be changed once I upload them to this site.

Also, it's not even the sound that is the issue. Like I said, I MADE my own sound fonts, and I use them for MS3, (God forbid MS4). The issue is that once I upload it here, that sound goes back to the crappy MS Basic.

And I use other software for engraving and writing too, but MS is just...easy...well at least MS 3 is.

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