Multimeasure Rest

• Jun 5, 2023 - 00:36

I want to add a long rest for multiple bars.
I tried what I found in the Handbook;
But it didn't work.
I tried both methods and they only add the rest for the final bars that I am still writing in them, not in the middle of the score.
I hope you understood what I mean.
I really want your help to finish my project.
Thanks in Advance.

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1) Don't enable multimeasure rests until you have finished entering all the notes.
2) Just leave empty any bars in the middle of the score that you want combined into a multimeasure rest. E.g. if you want a 10 bar multimeasure rest, leave 10 empty bars
3) To toggle multimeasure rests on (after entering all the notes) use keyboard shortcut M

If you are still stuck attach your score (.mscz file) and explain where you want the multimeasure rests.

Switching to multi measure rests in a score with several instruments only works if the measures are empty for all these instruments.

However, this is not usual in a score, because then the music would be interrupted for several measures - no instrument is playing. Normally, this is used in the excerpts and the multi-measure pauses are turned on there by default.

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