Merging Staves

• Jun 8, 2023 - 12:55

I have a score with four separate staves composed, by a friend, for T1, T2, Bari, Bass.
I would like to combine T1 and T2 onto a single stave and similarly Bari and Bass onto a second stave.
All use Voice 1.

Nothing I've tried so far works. Can anyone help?



Select all measures of T1 and T2 and apply Tools/Implode.
Do the same with Bari and Bass. The notes are copied from T2 to T1 and from Bass to Bari. T2 and Bass are then in voice 2.
Now the staves T2 and Bass can be deleted in the instrument dialog. Change the name of the remaining staves if necessary.
Maybe you need to change the stem direction for some notes. Select them and press 'x'.

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No, separate volume control or dynamics are not possible in this case - as far as I know.
The only thing you can do is: select all notes of one voice (Select / more... / same voice) and change the velocity of all selected notes by an offset.

[Experience of MuS 3.6.2]

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