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• Jun 9, 2023 - 23:08

I have a Big Band chart with parts. I would like to have a footer on all pages except page 1 that has the title and instrument part, eg. "Alto 1 - Till There Was You". I would like to have the copyright info appear on page 1 only and NOT the footer for odd number pages. Is there a way to independently control what is on page 1 versus ALL the other pages? When I put the chart title "Till There Was You" in the Footer field for both even and odd page numbers, the title appears in the footer for page 1 as well, next to the copyright info. Also, is there a way to automate having the Instrument Part appear the footer of all pages (except page 1) without having to manually type it in each part? Thanks. All your answers are appreciated.


Yes, the marco $C in the odd pages footer shows copyright only on page 1
But there's no macro for 'all but page 1' , except for page numbers

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Thanks Jojo. Do you know how I can put a Footer in all pages except page 1? In the attached file I want to have the title of the piece on all pages at the footer except page 1 on parts more than 2 pages (eg. Conductor, Piano). Also, I like your suggestion of a 2 line copyright notice. But how can I make two lines in the copyright? Even if I copy/paste from a word processor MS puts it all in one line. PS. I'm using MS v. 3x since my old laptop can't support MS v 4.

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