Show measure numbering in different staff in full score of 32 diferents staves.

• Jun 9, 2023 - 22:50

Hello and i apologise for my intermediate english!
I having a little problem with the numbering of the measures. While I choose the numbering to appear every measure (format > style > measure > numbers > interval (1) I want it to appear under the double bass staff and not the flute. Having a symphonic score of 32+ different staffs musescore 4 automatically places the numbering of measures always below the first flute.
How can I define a different staff that will display the numbering of measures. I found some other solutions from the handbook (manualy) but I can say that it doesn't work for me as when I have 40 different systems I have to go to each one separately and set the point (manualy)
For better understanding I am attaching two photos.

Thank you all,
Zorzrs Katris - Composer


What about:
1] Format >Style >Bar Numbers: tick the "All staves" box and set Vertical placement to Below
2] Right-click on a bar number: Select >Similar and press V to make invisible
4] Right-click on a number in the bottom row : Select >Similar on this stave and make visible

OK, it's not automatic and you'd need to repeat it all again after the final layout but...

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