Combining text & exercises in student textbook

• Jul 6, 2023 - 00:37

Does anyone have suggestions for combining text w/ notated rhythm exercises? This is for a rhythm textbook for students. There are 20 rhythm exercises per unit for a total of 9 units. Each unit has about one page of explanation per unit, then 2 pages of exercises which are in MuseScore 4.0.2. The student will clap along with the aural examples I've done in MuseScore. Is this enough info for anyone to tell me how I could do this? Thank you in advance for any ideas.


The best way to get high quality output with great control over the size and formatting of the graphics is to set up your score with one example per page, then use File / Export to export the score as PNG or SVG. This will create one PNG or SVG file per page quickly and easily, with maximum resolution and completely consistency in formatting.

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What if there are ten 4 measure drills on each page? Could I do this as if the 10 drills are one? I wouldn't want to have 180 links. The drills are supposed to be clapped continuously along with MuseScore doing it. Works well w/ my students but I want to turn this into an ebook so I am not needed for anyone to learn it. Thank you!!!

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You'd want to add page breaks and set page sizes so that each page corresponds to a single graphic that you want to import into your document. But there are no "links" anywhere so I'm not understanding what you mean. There will be one and only one score - or, if you need different-sized examples, perhaps one per size. Then there will be PNG or SVG file per page, with each corresponding to one example. This will ensure best quality and also completely consistent formatting, and best of all, you can generate all the images with a single command, including if you later make any changes.

If you continue to have trouble, please attach one fo the scores and explain in more detail. But this approach definitely works extremely well.

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