Opening scores - multiple instances on Mac

• Jul 15, 2023 - 20:18

When already having a score opened on Musescore4, and opening a second score, the second score opens on a new instance of the app, not as a tab on the first instance of the app. Is this a feature or a bug? If it is a feature, how can I open multiple scores as multiple tabs in one and only one instance of the app? This is in macOS Monterrey.


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We are told that this because of the playback engine. Which is vastly more complex than that of MU3.
It has been suggested that if multiple tabs (as in ten or twenty or more) are important, then use MU3. I know Mac users aren't used to seeing multiple instances of the same program open. FWIW, Sibelius works this way.

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If you have a score with multiple parts, you can open the parts separately (with the Parts button at the top center of the window), each in a new tab in the same window. Playback will be done for the active tab, which allows you to play a single part at a time.

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