How to remove voice 1 rests from other staves

• Sep 15, 2023 - 17:52

Hi colleagues!

Please help me how to delete or hide voice rests from the rest of the staves. I attach an image (in pdf) for you to see exactly what I mean. Please the encircled marks in the attachment.

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You can't delete rests in voice 1. You can make them invisible though.

However, you seem to have not used voice 1 at all in that stave. You should always use voice 1 and use other voices in addition if it becomes necessary. It is very rarely necessary to use more than two voices. In your picture you could have used voices 1 for the upstems and voice 2 for the downstems. Then there would be no rests in voice 1 to worry about. See for more details.

If you need further help, please attach the score (.mscz file) rather than a picture. It is impossible to see what else is going in your score from just a picture.

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You have made the common mistake of using voices 3 and 4 for the tenor/bass stave. Each stave has 4 voices. They need to be used starting with voice 1 in each stave. In your case that means Tenor uses voice 1, Bass uses voice 4.

If you look in that link I provided you will find this -
""Voice", in a different sense, may also refer to a pitch range in vocal music—soprano, alto, tenor, bass etc. It is important not to mix up the two meanings by assuming, for example, that the four "voices" in an SATB choir are equivalent to MuseScore "voices" 1–4 (see below); that would be to confuse chalk with cheese."

You can fix your score like this:

Step 1 select the whole of the lower stave
Step 2 Use Tools>Voices>Exchange voice 1-3
Step 3 Use Tools>Voices>Exchange voice 2-4

You now have voices 1 and 2 used instead of 3 and 4. The rests in voices 3 and 4 can now be removed

Step 4 With the lower staff still selected use the selection filter and untick voice 1 and voice 2.
Step 5 Press delete - the rests in voices 3 and 4 will be removed.
Step 6 Restore the ticks in voice 1 and voice 2 in the selection filter
Step 7 Remember to use voice 1 for tenor and voice 2 for bass in future

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You didn't do everything SteveBlower explained!
In your score, you only need voice 1 and voice 2. Voices 3 and 4 are not necessary.

If you swap voice 1 and 3 and voice 2 and 4 (for measures 1-20), only voices 1 and 2 remain. But note: from measure 21 on you have to swap voice 1 and 4.
Yes, then you get several whole rests of voices 3 and 4.
At the end you can select and delete all rests with 'Select all similar elements...'. The ones of voice 1 (blue) remain, all others are deleted.

I did this, see attachment, but using MuS 3.6.2. Some lyrics have been attached to voice 3 or 4, so you need to rewrite them.

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