Musescore keeps crashing when opening a score

• Sep 22, 2023 - 08:38

Hi! I'm currently working on a score in Musescore 4. I had the score open for a couple of days but after a restart of my mac, I'm not able to open the score on any device again.

I tried to open the score on a windows device, but when opening, the program closes immediately.

I also published the score to (unlisted), but when I try to open that page, I get a 404 not found.

I attached the score, a screenshot of the logs and an extended log file. hope anyone can help me with this one.


Since I can't use MuS 4, I tried to open it in the special version 3.7 (from Jojo-Schmitz). It opens and plays fine, except for some special measure repeat characters in the drumset.
Try opening the attached version (3.7). If it works, however, you will need to check and correct the drumset from measure 175 to the end regarding the measure repeat characters.
You must generate the parts again.

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Dikke Hits Block - 15-09_3.7.mscz 159.87 KB

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