Weird piano pedal behaviour in MS4

• Dec 2, 2023 - 21:28

For my latest piano arrangement, I've switched to MS4 after seeing they finally implemented the velocity function back. The least I can say is that it has been a nightmare up to this point, regarding playback. It was like I had found a goldmine when I saw that I can use VST plugins for playback (I upload my MIDIs to YouTube so this WOULD save me LOTS of "Reaper time"). Unfortunately, that is irrelevant as long as there are this many problems with the playback.
I will be uploading my score.mscz for the sake of simplicity. I hope someone here can help me resolve these, and you would have my utmost gratitude!

The issues that I have with the default SF in Musescore:
-Notes playing longer than notated: bars 38, 42, 82, 98 'till end (I suspect the pedal is acting up here too)
-Notes from pedal sounding longer: bar 38, the 2 Bs in the right hand sound longer; bar 82-83, same thing but somehow even worse

Check out the audio export. I turned off any reverb or hall effects for more clarity.
Issues with using a piano VST plugin (EastWest Bösendorfer 290, any sound works... or doesn't):
-pedal sometimes completely refuses to lift (very hard to reproduce, there's seemingly no trigger, the default piano SF sometimes does the same)
-some dynamic marking sometimes don't do anything (even harder to reproduce, also no apparent trigger, can't reproduce it right now)

The problem with this is that these issues come and go seemingly randomly. Restarting MS4 also doesn't break the cycle. The file audio WITH BROKEN PEDAL.ogg is an audio export (with the VST plugin) where you can hear most of the issues and at which point in time, the default SF was acting the same.
The file audio.ogg is an export of the VST plugin playback working ALMOST exactly as it should (ignore the clipping at the beginning). Best if you read along while letting it play and mind the staccati and breaks and stuff.
I know Musescore is primarily a notation software, but half-a**ing these VERY COOL playback features makes me a bit sad.

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> hard to reproduce
Agree. Not able to repro with several playbacks on my laptop. Could be more useful to devs if we could pinpoint the trigger first before posting on

For others, OP's ogg capture the error nicely, timestamps
m38 around 50
m42 1:00
m82 2:00
m98 2:30

BY the way, your work is very cool! Haven't watch it yet. Let's hope Isayama get it right this time. Attack on Titan The Final Season FINAL CHAPTER OP |Linked Horizon “Saigo no Kyojin (The Last Titan)” 進撃の巨人 最後の巨人

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That's the one! I'm doing the full version as always (check out my other covers if you like the arrangement :).
As for the issues, it (both fortunately and unfortunately) hasn't happened again. I have only been working on small details since I posted this and haven't written much new. It seems like this only happens when I continue writing where I left off.
Thanks for your reply and I'll keep you updated. I'll put this on GitHub when I have gathered enough data.

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There it is! This is my usual full version cover, so if you like the arrangement, you should definitely check out my other covers :).
Regarding the problems, thankfully (and regrettably), it hasn't occurred again. Not much has changed since I posted this; all I've done is work on minor aspects. For some reason, this always occurs when I pick up just where I left off in my writing. geometry dash

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