Bug report: some voices do not sound in parts of score during playback

• Feb 5, 2024 - 15:08

sorry if this has been reported already. I have a choir score with three parts (soprano, alto and baritone). When I play the sound, in a certain part, I can only hear the baritone. Unfortunately, this problem also persists when I export the parts as sound files, so the sound files are not very useful learning tools for the higher parts.
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Sanna Lopperi-Vihinen

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In the main scopre I do hear all 3 'instruments', in the parts I do hear what the part is about.
Not sure what your issue is, do you in a part (which) want to hear more than just the part?

If so: check the attached and the Bariton part, esp. see what I did on its Instruments tab

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Sorry, I forgot to mention: the problem starts suddenly at 2:55. Until then, everything is fine. It's the part where they're singing "luulin katoavani, mutta pääsin kuitenkin takaisin" for the second time. Then at 3:29, in the middle of the chorus, the higher voices come back only for to dissappear around 3:50 so for the outro you can only hear one voice again until the end. I'll see your suggestion anyway.

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Hi, sorry I had to go away yesterday.
Anyway, the problem seems to have gone away without me doing anything to the score. I don't know if something was fixed on the Musescore side. Thank you for trying to help me yesterday. It was a fairly strange bug, because the soprano and alto just disappeared from the study track during the repeat and the problem only appeared after I updated to the newer Musescore version and made some changes to the score. And now it has been fixed.

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