Changing keys from one movement to another

• Mar 27, 2024 - 15:11

When I end one movement in one key on one line A, and start a new movement in another key on the next line, line B, the key signature of the new movement appears at the end of the line A , in addition to appearing at the start of line B.


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Hi Steve,
I am trying to download my MuseScore document (a quartet) onto Youtube. It says processing is 100%. But the wheel on the left is still saying uploading. It's been spinning about an hour and a half.
I assume I shouldn't go onto next step. Is this unusual to take this long? Should I go onto the next step. Any suggestions?

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"Any suggestions?"

Start a new issue with a title that describes the problem.

You are asking about uploading to I never do that and have no interest in doing so and don't know how it works at all. A new issue might attract the attention of someone with appropriate knowledge if you give it a more relevant title

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Hi Steve,
I'm writing to you because you were so helpful earlier. I received an announcement saying my piece, Crosscurrents, was published. This is not a real piece of music. It is only a fragment I used to test the process. I didn't think I went far enough in the process for it to be published. Can it be removed?

Also, I got word my piece Whitetails in a Winter Wood was published. This is something I am proud of. My name on the document reads anngilliganbo. My name is anngilliganbond. Can this be fixed?

When I started to play Whitetails in a Winter Wood, the video seemed to only present one page of the written music. There are 20 1/2 pages. I thought all the pages would appear. I will check this out further.

Thanks so much for your help.
Ann Gilligan Bond
My cell: 857-636-8266

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On this forum you are writing to everyone who might be looking in There are lots of helpful people out there. Some of of them will know what you are asking about, which seems to be something about the score sharing site I don't use that and know next to nothing about it. I do know a little bit about how the notation program works and which this is devoted to.

So, either wait until someone who can help you happens along here or try asking for help on that other .com site.

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