Sheet music viewer not working on Opera GX.

• Feb 13, 2024 - 17:34

When I want to view scores by me or someone else, the player doesn't work and the whole page doesn't let me do anything. I use Opera GX as my default browser currently. It used to work before, but now it doesn't. It won't even load. I can't even refresh the page. If I go on Microsoft Edge, it works fine, but when I use Opera GX, it doesn't work. Is it a bug or is Opera GX not allowed to let me look at scores anymore? This has been happening for a while now. Does anyone else get this?


I still get this, no idea why it happens but it is very annoying. Every time I wanna view one of my own or someone else's scores I have to go to chrome :/

having the exact same issue. I hope Musescore can fix this bug and make a version that is compatible with opera's system. It's a real shame because opera GX is a really good browser

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