Please help with orchestral notation

• Apr 12, 2024 - 12:17

I'm busy on Musescore with two songs but one in particular with THIS IS THE PLACE by Gaither Vocal Band, I struggle to complete the orchestral notation of the song. I'm doing it by ear but I haven't developed the skills for especially the strings department of accompaniment tracks that most gospel songs have. Can you please help me with that please? What must I do for you guys to help complete the accompaniment . I send you what I completed so far. I'll need to accompaniment to sound much fuller . Please let me know if you can help

Thank you in advance for help


I doubt anyone will do your work for you. This is the forum to show off completed scores. As far as I know, there isn't anyplace to ask for someone to do your arranging for you. If you need help knowing how to do something specific, we can help, but I would be quite surprised if anyone here would simply write your composition for you. (If they were willing to do it at all, I would expect them to charge you LOTS of money to do so.)

Simply doing it, simply writing those strings (or whatever it is you're having problems with?), is how you learn to do it.

I did note that MuS4 gives an error when I open your score.

Voice too long: Full score, measure 88, staff 5, voice 2. Found: 17/16. Expected: 4/4.

In measure 88, in the drums, you have three sixteenth notes barred together. I suspect they should be a triplet, rather than simply three 16ths, because that measure is one 16th note too long.

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