Adding text to palette

• Apr 18, 2024 - 01:16

Yes, I know how to use the palettes to add text, expressions, etc. to my score. Can I create a new expression (a simple X in Arial 10 pt. regular) and save it to a palette for future one-click use? did I miss something in the handbook?


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Earlier today in another forum thread (, I found that these instructions do not work for me. I press Ctrl+Shift and try to drag an element (I've now tried fretboard diagrams, dynamics, and text). The item does not move to the palette, but the mouse pointer changes to the slashed circle (the international "NO" symbol) until I release the mouse button, no matter where I move the pointer.

Any help here? Am I doing something wrong?

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I'll add my experience. I created a new palette for barbershop rehearsal marks. These are simply text slugs of Intro, Verse, etc. I started with a Staff Text box, typed in my text, went to Properties and set the style. No problem. I was able to drag the first two into my new palette. Got the green plus sign, simple. But then, I did it with two new texts, but, like TheHutch, I was unable to add them to the palette. I didn't get his slashed circle. I got nothing, and they won't move.

So I'll ask his question: Am I doing something wrong?

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