Question of "Reminder" bars after multi-bars of rests

• Apr 20, 2024 - 12:14

As I show in the pictures, players of this Baritone parts can see others parts like Saxphones and Bassoons to find out what others are playing during their multi-bars (measures), in case they lose count of the bars, and know exactly where to start playing. I am curious whether I can put in such bars that could just be seen as smaller notes but cannot be heard ?
I want to know if there is this feature in MuseScore 4 ? I can't find it.
(I apologize for my expressions in the Subject since I am amateur, I really don't know how to put this as I didn't find any tutorial on this topic, My bad! )


You can use voice 2 for these other notes. Then the measure rests for voice 1 are still present.
And you can activate the "Small note head" option and switch off playback for these notes.
See the properties of the notes.

Those notes are commonly referred to as "cues". Add the notes (and rests and dynamics etc.) in voice 2. I suggest using voice 2 as that ensures that appropriate rests are shown for the non-playing instrument - you can see whole measure rests above the cues in your pictures.

Select the cue where you just added it and in the Properties panel click the "cue sized" option and untick the "Play option". The best way to do that is to use the selection filter and untick voice 1 before selecting the cued section as a range. Don't forget to re-tick voice 1 in the selection filter when you have finished.

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Thank You Very Much ! Your tips are very helpful !
I put the picture in the attachment, I think I got it right ?
AND One more question maybe? How could I not put this cues into the Full-Score? only in the players' part I mean (Is it possible?
It was actually the App's translation problems, I am Chinese using the Chinese version, and the "Cue Size" are translated into "small format elements" which are quite confusing.
I am switching to English settings right away ! Seems much more PRO in this context

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