tempo isn't doing what I said

• Apr 23, 2024 - 19:58

This score alternates between a slow part (82) and a faster verse part (150). I inserted a missing verse. and had to insert the corresponding tempi for the new verse and back to the slow tempo. I goofed and inserted the slow tempo in the middle of the verse, no problem I'll just delete it! But no. The verse still slows down to 82 at bar 59, even though I explicitly inserted a (what should be) redundant tempo marking of 150 there. How can I fix this?

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Hi, there reason is that the tempo change at bar 60 is not deleted but simply hidden. Please enable the "Show Invisible" option to reveal the hidden tempo marking and then delete the tempo marking.

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Thank you that worked. (I never knew about that invisible option). but why didn't it just delete it when I told it to in the first place. So that my knowledge is complete, I now understand that selecting a tempo and clicking DELETE does not delete it, but merely hides it. Do you have to shift click or command click or something to actually delete it. Thank you. I can never keep up with this app. Usually that is a good thing.

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