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• Apr 23, 2024 - 19:34

Hello all, I am working on a version of Grieg's Wachterleid for piano (Op 12 No. 3) that was written in a way to allow the pianist to play it with one hand because I have carpal tunnel in my left hand. There's a version of the piece on musescore, but it's written for two hands - If I can move some of the notes from the treble to the bass clef, it will match the IMSL score, and make ti easier for me to play one handed.

So my question is, is there a way to move notes from one clef to the other, without duplicating them in the target clef, and deleting them from the source clef. Thanks for you time and attention.


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Cross-staff notation would not allow "deleting them from the source clef" nor would it prevent "duplicating them in the target clef".

Sadly, the answer is "no". There is no automated way of doing what you want. You will need to simply go through the score and place the notes from the clef you don't want into the clef you do want.

However, didn't you say that the music was written originally for one hand? Why not find a copy of the original music? Instead of this ... spread-out version.

Later edit: I went to IMSLP in hopes of finding the one-handed version. All the scores there of Op. 12, no. 3 are clearly for two hands. At a glance, it looks like most people could span all the notes on both clefs through most of the piece. There is only a one-octave span from high note to low at any point over the first half of the piece. But in the latter half that stretch expands to the point where only a person with a VERY large hand could manage it. :-(

To Everyone, thanks for the help, and specifically for the key sequence that moves notes from one staff to another "Cross-Staff Notation" on the Mac CMD+SHIFT+UpArrow/DwnArrow. Very helpful.

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