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• Jan 27, 2009 - 22:03

I would like to know : How add "Note Heads" because i write score for percussion.
(sorry for this bad language ... i'm french)



Drag a note head from the note head palette onto a note head in the score. Or select one or more noteheads and double click on a note head in the palette to change all selected note heads.
Note: this does only change the appearance of the notes, not how they are played. The latest prereleases allow for note entry from a customizable drum set. For this to work first the staff has to be declared a drum track by enabling the "use drum set" flag in the staff properties dialog. This drum staff the is also played correctly on midi channel 10 (if you have installed a GM sound font).

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In fact, he wants to add more noteheads symbols in the notehead palette... A x in a square and two arrows down. I answer that's not possible for the time being. Feta does not have the symbols I think (…). I ask for a scan, you never know ...

Malheureusement, c'est impossible dans la version courante de MuseScore. Et le développeur principal a expliqué il y a peu que c'était pas simple du tout à réaliser. Je vais quand même traduire ta demande. Le mieux qu'on puisse faire c'est je pense les ajouter "en dur' dans une version suivante, si elle existait dans la police qu'on utilise. Mais je crois que c'est celle ci… et donc point de salut :( désolé. Tu peux qd meme joindre un exemple scanné, on sait jamais

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