0.9.6 Beta 2 crashes on OSX

• Mar 22, 2010 - 05:23

Just installed beta2 after uninstalling (deleting the program 0.9.5 from the applications menu) on 10.5.8. Created a new sheet from scratch with just the 5 drums, and after adding one or two bars it starts to slow down considerably - my CPU temperature starts to rise up a bit and the fans kick in at the higher RPM. Eventually the program crashes, and I have been able to reproduce this every time I try to run the application.

Running this on a MBPro (not uni-body) 17".

Any help/suggestion is appreciated.


Could you give more details about the steps that cause the crash?

Are you using the mouse for note entry or a MIDI keyboard? What notes are you adding? Does it always crash in exactly the same place? What measure/beat? etc.

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Absolutely -

I'm using my mouse for note entry, and it doesn't really seem to make a difference whether it's a high-hat, crash cymbal or a tom. Within 5-8 minutes, note entry becomes extremely slow and at no particular point (adding a note, deleting a note, changing a note) it crashes. I'm using the default settings when open up the score.

Hope that answers your questions.

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