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• Mar 24, 2010 - 07:49

A few days ago I installed MuseScore on your PC and can say that I am impressed with its quality.
I am interested in one thing at the moment. Thus I composed the music for the piano, I sound off with the font of site and tried to play the same composition using a different type of instrument through the sound mixer, and that it's work fine.
When the same thing I was save as WAV format, it sound to me again as piano.
Now my question is:
How do I save the sound written for the piano for example, that sounds like a clarinet , or any other wind instrument ?

And second question is how and whether it is possible to track which I began to put piano scales and other instruments playing simultaneously let two or more instruments within a single composition. Is it possible or do I have the same song released for the second, third or what we should already instruments and then with some program ( Audicity for example ) to mix sounds ?



1st question: For 0.9.5, you'll need to install a soundfont . For 0.9.6 beta, a complete soundfont is now delivered within MuseScore.

2nd question: I'm afraid I don't understand it, but that could be of my lack of knowledge. So I'll pass it on to someone else.

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I want to do the following:
Composed a song I want to be saved in WAV format, but in a way to be saved so that it sounds like it was played with an instrument with which I am playing it through mixer.
If they could let several instruments at once to play the piano for example, harp and clarinet , and whether it can also be saved as an audio file.

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With the installed soundfont and a score which contains e.g. harp, clarinet, you will be able to create a wave file in the exact same way as you hear when you playback from MuseScore using the mixer. Just try it out. You'll see it works.

BTW 0.9.6 has a lot of improved playback features. See 0.9.6 release notes -> Playback

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