Hiding rests (creating a completely blank staff)

• Mar 28, 2010 - 18:19

I'm creating counterpoint assignments for pre-theory 1 students. I have a cantus firmus in a lower staff, and want a blank staff above for the student to write their counterpoint in (or vice versa). How do I best hide all the whole note rests in the blank staff? I can hide each rest individually but it's a pain when I have a lot of examples (50+ measures). Can I hide a group of rests, or change a setting globally?

This would also be useful if I were trying to create a blank manuscript page. Thanks for any help.


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When I right click in either edit or note entry mode, I don't get the option of choosing similar elements. Could it be that my version doesn't have it? I'm using a linux version, 9.5 on Ubuntu. Is there another way to be able to choose similar items, other than right clicking item?

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