How to run MS 1.3 when 2.0 is also installed

• Sep 26, 2014 - 10:29

I read that Musescore 1.3 can also be run even after 2.0 has been installed. I see in my Lubuntu repository and 1.3 is installed but i could not find its program location to execute. Any insights?


I have both 1.3 and 2 installed and can run both, this on XP.

I have noticed though, that since installing 2, when I double click the musescore file, it opens the file in 2, not 1.3, which the file was created on.

This is an XP problem, not Musescore, it doesn't worry me, just sharing my experience.
Just haven't gotten round to changing the "open with" option yet.

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Yes, installing MuseScore 2.0 Beta 1 does change the file associations, so if you want files to open in 1.3 instead, you'll have to change it back. But note, since the extension has not changed (it remains ".mscz"), there is no way to have scores originally created in 1.3 open in 1.3 but scores created in 2.0 Beta open in 2.0 Beta. It will be all or nothing. Scores created in 2.0 Beta, of course, won't load into 1.3 at all. So you might find it more convenient to leave it as is, and if you need to use 1.3 for an older for whatever reason (2.0 *should* open them fine, and won't save over them by default), just do so from within 1.3, not from Explorer.

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Thanks Marc, yes, I understand the differences between the two versions.
At the moment, I don't save any of 2 files due to a number of reasons, the inability to open in 1.3 for a start, and any changes made to 2 in the future that would render the save files unusable.
And the inability of sharing any 2 created scores online.
Continuing to use 1.3 for everything, just using 2 to familiarize myself with the new layout.
Must say though, that 1.3 files opened in 2, sound so much better, I'm acting like Pavlov's dog waiting for the official release of 2.

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