Notes - transpose - up perfect unison

• Apr 20, 2010 - 15:06

MuseScore 0.9.6. Windows XP.

The Notes - Transpose - transpose by interval - down - perfect unison correctly transposes the score or selected note down one octave.

The Transpose - transpose by interval - up - perfect unison does not work.


1. Create new score for any instrument, say, C trumpet.
2. Enter a middle C
3. Select Notes - Transpose - whole score
4. Select transpose by interval - up - perfect unison
5. Click OK.

Expected result : entered middle C is tranposed up one octave. Actual result: entered middle C stays as middle C.


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The perfect unison interval is an octave, so I am simply interpreting what appears to be the terminology of the MuseScore 'staff properties' - 'trasnspose by interval' funtion.

If selecting 'staff properties' - 'transpose by interval' - down bullet - perfect unison transposes the score, (or selected note(s)) down by one octave, which it does, then it is surely reasonable to assume that selecting 'staff properties' - 'transpose by interval' - up bullet - perfect unison should transpose the score or selected note(s) up by one octave.

If this is not a valid assumption then I should be most grateful if you could expalin why selecting 'staff properties' - 'transpose by interval' - down bullet - perfect interval transposes down one octave yet the selecting the 'up' bullet does nothing.

In reply to by David Bolton

OK Thanks. I am talking about Notes - transpose, not staff properties. My mistake above, but the rest remains valid.

As I said I was trying to interperet the terminology and the way in which 'perfect unison' was being applied in 'Notes' - 'transpose' - 'transpose by interval'. If the 'perfect unison' interval at the top of the drop down list of intervals is intended to impose no transpoition, then is there any point in including it in the 'transpose by interval' function? OK I made a mistake by not scrolling to the bottom of the intervals list where I would have fornd the interval 'perfect octave' available for selection. Had I seen that I would have understood what 'perfect unison' was intended to mean at the top of the list, but would still have been puzzled by it's being there. I suggest that 'perfect octave' is placed at the top of the list and that 'perfect unison' is removed altogether.

Again, thanks for your help, much appreciated.

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