How to make small notes and rests in 2.0?

• Oct 5, 2014 - 19:23

I can't find a properties panel for small note heads and small rests comparable to v1


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In v1.3 you could SHIFT-select two notes, RMB for the properties panel, set "small" and those two notes and all notes in between would get the small heads. It didn't work for rests but it did work for notes and when i reported this for v1.3 it was asserted that this was fixed in v2.

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It does work for rests, but again, using Inspector rather that individual Properties dialogs.

The Inspector does require you to be more careful about selection - click / shift+click selects a "range", but you want to limit the selection to just "notes" or "rests" or both. You can do that with the new right click / Select All Similar Elements in Range Selection, as mentioned above.

I've always wondered, is there any hard rule for using small rests, or is it simply for aesthetic reasons? For example when using multiple voices, which can leave a staff cluttered with rests, would making them smaller be allowed in this scenario?

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Allowed? Sure, but it wouldn't be usual unless it is quite cramped. Most of the time you do the job with just vertical positioning, and 2.0 does that to some extent automatically. Small rests would normally be used only in situations where there also small notes - eg, for cue passages.

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